Current Investments


Avvasi is an early stage venture backed company developing next generation video networking technology.

The company was founded in 2008 by Michael Gallant, Alex Leyn and Mate Prgin.

Avvasi received Series A financing from Tech Capital and Celtic House.

Bering Media

Bering Media is a location-based advertising company focused on bringing hyper local targeting to any website. Through a unique privacy architecture, Bering Media's technology allows media companies and advertising agencies to accurately reach the most relevant and responsive demographics online.

The company was founded in 2008 by Michael Ho, Nicolas St-Pierre and Shawn Wasson.

Bering Media received Series A financing from Tech Capital, Growthworks and the Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund.

Covarity Inc.

Covarity is rapidly establishing itself as the benchmark provider of commercial loan monitoring software. Covarity offers a hosted, web-based commercial loan management solution that delivers process efficiencies and enables banks to mitigate credit and operational risk and prepare for regulatory scrutiny fast and efficiently with minimal capital outlay. The Covarity solution is part of a long term profitability and competitiveness strategy for customers such as BMO, Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC Bank Canada, Libro Financial Group, and RBC Bank in the United States.

The company was founded in December 2001 by Jeff Fedor. Rod Foster, an experienced technology executive, heads up the management team.

Covarity received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners.


ecobee's home automation platform allows homeowners to conserve energy, save money, and reduce their environmental impact. The centre piece of the ecobee automation platform is a more intelligent programmable thermostat which implements advanced control algorithms to reduce energy consumption and to shift consumption to off-peak hours. The ecobee platform integrates utility advanced metering infrastructure, major appliances, renewable energy sources and the internet to provide a complete energy management platform for homeowners.

The company was founded in May 2007 by Stuart Lombard.

ecobee received seed financing from JLA Ventures and Tech Capital Partners.


Fongo is a next generation digital communication platform that can potentially deliver the end of Voice costs for smartphones in Canada. Fongo's application works on any iPhone, Android based phone and soon BlackBerry.  Users receive a brand new Canadian telephone number, free long distance calling to most Canadian cities, unlimited airtime, Voice mail, caller ID and many more free features included. The Fongo voice platform is supported with a sophisticated ad media delivery platform and in house intellectual property that ensures a content rich user experience while potentially saving the user hundreds per year on voice cost.  Fongo enjoys privileged access to Fibernetics, a Canadian CLEC that owns and operates its own coast-to-coast network in Canada.

Fongo received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners.


Overlay.TV is a media company that provides an interactive video platform that enables brands and content owners to better engage audiences through video, integrated interactive widgets, and tools that allow everything from hyperlinks to video-in-video mashups.

The company was founded in mid 2007 by Tyler Cope, Rob Lane, Gord Wyse and Nadav Zin.

Overlay.TV received Series A financing from Celtic House, EdgeStone and Tech Capital Partners.

Sidense Corporation


Sidense Corp. is focused on developing Memory Semiconductor Intellectual Property (MSIP). Sidense provides Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) SIP cores to customers that use their technologies in digital and analog devices ranging from Flat panel displays, wireless networks, PDAs to cellular phones. Their modular approach emphasizes reusable MSIP cores that focus on the design of System on chip (SOC) products and systems. Semiconductor and systems companies integrate their MSIP cores into the overall semiconductor designs, saving time and money and allowing them to focus on the core competencies that differentiate their products. By integrating Sidense's MSIP cores into their customers IC designs, they are better able to solve the widening "design gap" caused by the difficulty of building complex SOCs with embedded MSIP cores.

The company was founded in 2004.

Sidense received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners.

Prior Investments

VideoLocus Inc.

VideoLocus was acquired by LSI Logic Corporation in November 2002.

VideoLocus developed next-generation video compression and processing technologies. The company was founded by four former members of PixStream/Cisco's advanced engineering team: Mate Prgin, Lowell Winger, Guy Cote and Michael Gallant.

VideoLocus received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners.

Sandvine Incorporated

Sandvine completed an Initial Public Offering on AIM in March 2006. The company completed a secondary offering and cross listed on the TSX in October 2006.

Sandvine develops and markets network equipment targeted to the evolving needs of today's residential broadband service providers. Sandvine's award-winning solutions identify the types and behaviours of traffic on networks enabling service providers to improve customer service satisfaction, reduce operational costs and increase profitability. Service providers can better understand subscriber behavior, recognize and address network threats like worms and spam Trojans, classify applications running on your network (for example, voice over IP, gaming, video streams), guarantee service levels and create profitable tiers for multiple broadband services.

The company was founded in September 2001 by Don Bowman, Dave Caputo, Tom Donnelly, Marc Morin and Brad Siim, a team that worked closely together at PixStream Incorporated. PixStream was founded by Morin and Siim in 1996 and sold to Cisco Systems in December 2000.

Sandvine received seed financing from Celtic House, VenGrowth, Tech Capital Partners and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

Handshake VR Inc.

Handshake VR provided technology and software development tools that enabled users to rapidly add force-feedback and remote force-feedback to applications. Handshake VR developed the proprietary time delay compensation technology (TiDeC™), recognized by industry as the only commercially available technology that addresses fatal network latency.

The company was founded in January 2001 by Dr. David Wang, associate professor with the University of Waterloo's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Kevin Tuer and Tim Ellis.

Handshake VR received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners, BDC Venture Capital and Trellis Capital Corporation.

DiskStream Inc.

DiskStream provided innovative products that enabled companies in the media entertainment industry to get the most out of their media assets and the best from their creative resources. DiskStream's open, easy-to-use products facilitated the location, movement and interchange of digital media assets within modern production and broadcast facilities.

The company was founded in 2004 by Jim Trainor and Tom Pike.

DiskStream received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners.


Coreworx Inc. (formerly Software Innovation Inc.) provides integrated document management and workflow automation solutions for Owner-Operators and EPC companies who execute and manage large capital projects.

Software Innovation was founded in 1997, was acquired in 2004 by Randall Howard and Ray Simonson of Verdexus and susequently acquired by Acorn Energy in August 2008.

During 2005, Software Innovation completed a round of expansion financing, which included Tech Capital Partners.


Metranome Inc.

Metranome is developing revolutionary technologies, applications, and services for the mobile video market. The company's goal is to deliver deeply engaging and personal content to mobile users while supporting a broad range of mobile devices and wireless networks. Metranome’s application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, Poptiq, was released in September 2008. Poptiq delivers videos from the internet to your iPod touch or iPhone through a WiFi connection (like at home, school, or work) so you can watch videos whenever you want, even when you no longer have WiFi. Poptiq learns your likes and dislikes and delivers the best videos for you.

The company was founded in January 2008 by Dave Kruis and Craig Dunk.

Metranome received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners

Icera Inc./ Sirific Wireless Corporation

Sirific Wireless was acquired by Icera in May 2008. Icera is the leader in software defined wireless modem chipsets.

Sirific Wireless, a leading provider of advanced CMOS RF transceivers, was founded in 2000 by Dr. Taj Manku, associate professor with the University of Waterloo's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Sirific received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners and Solowave Investments.

PostRank Inc. (formerly AideRSS)

PostRank focuses on delivering productivity and information management tools that deal with information overload and help users find and "Read What Matters™". Like a newspaper editor who picks the relevant stories off the newswire services, PostRank analyzes all of the stories in an RSS stream, assigns a score based on social engagement, and delivers only the most relevant stories to a reader's inbox based on their chosen filtering level.

The company was founded in January 2007 by Ilya Grigorik and Kevin Thomason.

PostRank received seed financing from Tech Capital Partners and Angel Investors.



"Knowing that Tech Capital has invested in Covarity gives me immediate credibility with other investors and with potential employees."

Rod Foster

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