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Sandvine Introduces Network Integrity Suite, Broadband Providersí Most Powerful Weapon Against Worm, Spam Trojan, and DoS Attacks On Subscriber Quality Of Experience

New Platform Enables Broadband Service Providers Worldwide to Reduce Risks and Costs Associated with Increasingly Sophisticated and Evasive Threats

ONTARIO, Canada, May 16, 2005 – Enabling service providers around the globe to better characterize, control, and secure the traffic on their networks in real-time, Sandvine today announced its Network Integrity Suite for broadband service providers. Consisting of the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) 8210, Attack Traffic Mitigation, and the company’s Security Operations Services, the Network Integrity Suite helps service providers take proactive measures against harmful traffic of all types, mitigating the impact of worms, spam, Domain Name Service (DNS), and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks in the network.
Broadband service providers have been shouldering a massive cost burden as they struggle to minimize the impact of worm, spam trojan, DNS and DoS attacks on residential subscribers. The malicious, malformed data traffic can significantly degrade the broadband experience for residential Internet users and impose dramatic network and customer support costs on broadband service providers.
Based on data from Sandvine customers and selected industry sources, it is estimated that worm attacks alone cost the North American service provider sector more than $245 million dollars in 2004. That includes the cost of specialized tactical response teams, overloaded customer support resources, inflated transit costs, and perhaps most damaging over the long term, a loss of brand equity that contributes to customer churn.
“As traditional forms of mitigation are circumvented, subscribers expect service providers to actively address the malicious traffic that threatens their Internet experience,” said Dick Freeman, CEO of Troy Cablevision. “We are more than willing to defend our subscribers in this regard, and the Sandvine solution gives us the capability to mitigate the malicious traffic on our network before it can reach subscribers.”
“Network integrity is a much broader concept than simply improving on intrusion detection or basic security capabilities,” said Tom Donnelly, co-founder and executive vice president marketing and sales for Sandvine. “It’s about adding new network intelligence that allows you to defend against malicious traffic and protect the overall Quality Of Experience (QoE) for your customers, by prioritizing and optimizing performance on the broadband applications they use every day.”

Comprehensive Platform Guarantees QoE for Subscribers

Sandvine’s Network Integrity Suite leverages the network intelligence of the PTS 8210 with Attack Traffic Mitigation and the company’s unique Security Operations Services to deliver the industry’s most scalable and comprehensive platform for the protection and guaranteed performance of broadband service providers’ networks.  The Network Integrity Suite delivers the intelligence and multi-layered security needed to defend against malicious traffic and gives broadband providers the power to ensure QoE on a per-subscriber basis.
The PTS 8210 is a high-performance 1RU (one rack unit) network element specifically engineered to cost-effectively monitor, identify, interpret, and analyze network traffic in real-time.  The PTS 8210 can be clustered to deliver unmatched flexibility and scalability that can support networks of any size.  Sandvine’s unique hardware and software approach offers malicious traffic identification and mitigation unparalleled in the industry, giving service providers the visibility and control needed to ensure subscriber QoE.
Sandvine Security Operations Services provide ongoing analysis to ensure its customers’ broadband networks operate at “optimal health” and react quickly to mitigate attacks. Sandvine’s worldwide footprint enables the Security Operations Services team to quickly identify and address potential threats before they proliferate around the globe and provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Attack monitoring, analysis, and classification: determines the nature of the attack and identifies specific remedies in real time
  • Behavior detection and signature updates: may be automated or as designated by the service provider
  • Security research and test lab: delivers in depth traffic analysis to discover hidden and emerging threats, provides 24X7 monitoring and attack response.

Multi-Faceted Approach for Secure Broadband Networks 

Worm traffic, spam, DNS and DoS attacks, as well as unreliable service quality caused by the growing use of bandwidth-intensive broadband applications can affect network performance and availability. Malicious traffic can be identified by the information contained in its packets and by its behavior. Individually, however, neither of these methods is sufficient to meet the needs of today's broadband service providers.
Signature-based solutions rely on the identification of known signatures in the packets that traverse the network by comparing distributed worm signatures to each packet and blocking or dropping those that match. 
Behavioral or heuristics-based engines collect data from the network and send it to a traffic control element, which performs a heuristic post-analysis.  Such systems then make recommendations for mitigation in broad-stroke traffic management fashion. As a result, the system can only identify what has already happened on the network; it cannot provide data on potential threats in real time.
Sandvine’s Network Integrity Suite is the only solution on the market today that combines the best of both approaches and offers an unparalleled combination of proactive and reactive network security features that effectively:

  • Cans spam: Sandvine’s spam trojan mitigation arms service providers with a network-based approach to eliminating all malicious worm and spam trojan traffic on service provider networks.
  • Kills worms: Sandvine's network-based worm mitigation attacks worms at all five stages of their development, effectively shutting down worm/DoS traffic.
  • Prevents DoS attacks: Sandvine's network-based DoS mitigation protects the subscriber experience by filtering DoS attacks and eliminating malicious traffic while allowing all legitimate requests to proceed through the network.
  • Defends servers: Sandvine protects inherently vulnerable mail servers and prevents DNS poisoning by stopping illegitimate requests before they become a threat to subscribers and the network.
  • Cleanses network: Sandvine Security Operations team provides ongoing analysis to ensure optimal network health and distant warning in the event of an attack. Sandvine’s visibility into global service provider networks acts as a 'network telescope,' uncovering malicious traffic threats before they spread around the globe.

“Hyper-powered worms like Netsky and MyDoom have created an urgent need for equally powerful network-based responses,” said Lindsay Schroth, broadband analyst for the Yankee Group. “By adding these capabilities, Sandvine is helping broadband providers minimize the impact of attacks, ensure reliable network performance, and protect the broadband experience for their subscribers.”
Sandvine’s award-winning intelligent broadband network equipment helps broadband service providers characterize what really happens on their networks, enabling policies that improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and improve profitability. Sandvine’s application and subscriber-aware solutions empower service providers to take control of P2P traffic, stop the proliferation of destructive worm, DoS and spam trojan traffic and achieve new operational efficiencies. With over 100 deployments worldwide, Sandvine is protecting the Internet experience for more than 20 million broadband subscribers worldwide. To find out more, visit Sandvine online at


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