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Recent customer wins solidify broadband equipment vendor’s dominant position in the market for enhanced network intelligence and improved quality of experience

Waterloo, Ontario; March 2, 2005 – With recent network-wide deployments by two of the biggest residential broadband service providers in the US and Europe, Sandvine Incorporated has grown its share of subscribers-served to more than 20 million – the largest footprint by far of any vendor in the million-plus service provider segment for per-subscriber quality of experience (QoE) solutions.

Sandvine’s award-winning solutions have achieved overriding market acceptance after years of intensive test, trial and – most importantly – successful deployment in top tier ISP networks. The company has been tapped for a bevy of accolades, including a World Communications Award, Best of NGN and two Readers’ Choice awards from broadband industry bible Communications Technology magazine.

“We’ve reached this milestone on the back of our proven ability to protect and improve the subscriber experience, keep networks free from worms and spam Trojans, and ensure optimal application performance for service providers in diverse markets around the globe,” said Dave Caputo, co-founder, president and CEO of Sandvine.

“Whether they be cable or DSL, wireless or wireline, looking for targeted solutions to specific problems or the new infrastructure necessary to migrate their networks to 21st century services and subscriber expectations, broadband providers are responding with gusto to Sandvine’s value proposition,” he added.

Sandvine customers include 6 of the Top 12 residential broadband providers in North America, three of the largest high-speed Internet providers in Europe and a host of small and medium-sized providers in both the DSL and Cable broadband markets in APAC, CALA and worldwide. Customers range from industry heavyweights like Liberty Media, Hughes DirecWay and Bell Canada to innovative local market leaders like KPY Networks, Manx Telecom, Melita Cable, Mountain Cablevision and Braintree Electric & Light Department.

Sandvine’s award-winning network equipment helps broadband service providers boost profitability by providing powerful new intelligent bandwidth management. With Sandvine technology, network engineers can better understand subscriber behavior, recognize and address network threats, classify applications, guarantee service levels and create profitable tiers for multiple broadband services - without a forklift upgrade to current infrastructure. To find out more, visit Sandvine online at

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Fact Sheet: Sandvine the market leader

What our customer say:

“Sandvine’s approach allows us to mitigate attack traffic from a central point in the network to protect the broadband experience for our subscribers. The solution has proven to be very flexible, integrating easily with our existing security infrastructure.”

Dave Zatloukal, vice president of North American Network Services at Hughes Network Systems

- - -
"With Sandvine as a technology partner we have increased our design engineering flexibility by having greater granularity into analyzing data flows on our networks. As our product and services increase in complexity, and network quality and utilization becomes more critical, we will require more sophisticated tools to better manage our business."

Sudhir Ispahani, Chief Technology Officer for UnitedGlobalCom, Inc. (UGC)

- - -
“With malicious traffic becoming more sophisticated, subscribers are looking to service provides to protect them from being infected. We believe it is products like Sandvine’s that our customers look to us to provide and will give us a competitive advantage in today’s market. Our experience is that a customer that develops a worm sees it as a failure of their service provider. We want our customers to have a sense of security when using our service.”

Tom Sullivan, General Manager, Wightman Telecom

- - -
”We need to stay ahead of broadband trends so that we can provide our subscribers with the services that they require. Sandvine’s IP service control platform allows us to see what’s happening on our network, set policies for the different traffic types, reduce network costs and still maintain our premium online experience for our subscribers.”

John Burford, Network Manager, Peoples Telephone Cooperative

- - -
"Sandvine's approach has allowed us to create traffic policies that minimize the cost of supporting file sharing traffic on our network whilst maintaining the best possible online experience for our subscribers. We were looking for a solution that would help us maximize our existing infrastructure investments and prepare us to stay ahead of changes in this rapidly-evolving technology environment. Sandvine Peer-To-Peer Policy Management meets our needs perfectly."

Timo Hopponen, Data Network Manager, KPY Networks


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