Company Logo Wednesday, September 29, 2004

New security technology saving broadband service providers millions

Case study shows Sandvine’s network-based approach providing effective defense against worms, DoS attacks and spam

Waterloo, Ontario; September 29, 2004 — Just-released customer metrics from Sandvine Incorporated demonstrate how its Attack Traffic Mitigation solution is dramatically reducing the amount of malicious traffic on broadband service provider networks.

Internet worms, spam trojans and denial of service (DoS) attacks are wreaking havoc on service providers of all sizes, degrading the subscriber experience and imposing hundreds of millions in unplanned hard costs directly related to the malformed data traffic they generate.

At the root of this cost burden is the relative inability of service providers to mitigate malicious traffic while attacks are actually underway. Worms in particular exhibit known behaviors and signatures at their various stages of infestation, raising a series of red flags that, with the right technologies in place, can be identified in the network operations center. Having flagged them, network managers can then activate mitigation techniques to protect subscribers.

“Given the increasing frequency of worm attacks, service providers are looking to improve their ability to fend off the impact of worms and the DoS attacks they often spawn”, said Don Bowman, chief architect at Sandvine, “Sandvine’s network-based approach identifies and isolates all forms of suspect traffic, including spam trojans. It also provides the tools to cleanse the network and provides ongoing analysis to ensure that service providers maintain an optimal state of readiness in the event of a future attack.”   

Alabama-based Troy Cablevision estimates that Sandvine’s approach eliminates 98% of worm traffic on its network, while allowing legitimate data flows to move freely to and fro. 

“Using Sandvine’s technology, Troy Cablevision has been able to build and execute targeted mitigation strategies that deal effectively with malicious traffic threats and protect the broadband experience for our subscribers,” said Dick Freeman, CEO of Troy Cablevision.

To learn more about how Troy Cablevision is protecting subscribers with Sandvine technology, download our just-released case study at (

Sandvine Attack Traffic Mitigation, with application-level awareness, arms service providers with a multi-layer strategy to mitigate all forms of malicious traffic. Extremely adaptive dual behavior-based and signature-based detection capabilities accurately identify today’s complex protocols, applications and network phenomena like spam, DoS attacks, trojans and zombie PCs that escape traditional packet-based technology. 

Sandvine’s award-winning network equipment helps broadband service providers characterize what really happens on their networks, enabling policies that improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and improve profitability. Sandvine’s application-aware solutions help service providers take control of P2P traffic, stop the proliferation of destructive worm, DoS and spam traffic and achieve new operational efficiencies. Sandvine products are protecting the Internet experience for millions of broadband subscribers worldwide. To find out more, visit Sandvine online at


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