Company Logo Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Source Cable & Wireless selects Sandvine Peer-To-Peer Policy Management

Award-winning technology helps MSO preserve subscribers’ online experience, while managing the high cost of file-sharing traffic

Hamilton, Ontario – January 21, 2004: Source Cable & Wireless today announced that Sandvine Incorporated has been selected Source’s Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Policy Management technology partner, to assist in governing the impact of file-sharing traffic on its network.

The 18,000-cable (4500 data) subscriber MSO had witnessed a sharp spike in network and operational costs resulting from the explosive growth of P2P traffic. After a brief, hassle-free deployment, Sandvine was able to hand control of P2P traffic back to Source network managers. Results from live trials were immediate and achieved by adding Peer-To-Peer Policy Management as an organic addition to the broadband provider’s existing infrastructure.

Peer-to-peer file sharing programs like eDonkey, KaZaA and WinMX consume as much as 80 per cent of the available network capacity on residential broadband networks. Service providers using Sandvine technology reduce the impact of file sharing traffic using a number of techniques, including re-directing it along the provider’s least-cost network path.

“Our need to manage file-swapping’s impact in a way that protected our subscribers online experience was central to the decision to choose Sandvine technology,” said Geoff Bartlett, Network Administrator at Source Cable & Wireless. “The Sandvine unit integrates easily with our existing infrastructure, and their approach dramatically improves our ability to control the cost-impact of P2P on the network. At the same time, it respects our QuickclicTM high-speed Internet customers’ expectations of quality and consistency.”

About Sandvine Peer-To-Peer Policy Management
Sandvine’s Peer-To-Peer Policy Management solution is enabled by the PPE 8200, a carrier-grade 1RU that reduces the cost of file sharing using four distinct strategies: the logical reorganization of network topology, the rerouting of search queries, the reduction of P2P protocol “chatter” and the detailed reporting and analysis of the P2P traffic on the network. Sandvine’s patented technology allows the PPE to statefully inspect and redirect. Subscribers experience zero degradation of their online experience. Service providers experience a sharp improvement in bandwidth utilization and associated costs. More information available at

* Sandvine Peer-To-Peer Policy Management has garnered a number of important accolades in recent months, including the 2003 World Communications Award for “Best Technology Foresight,” the 2003 Next Generation Networks “Best of NGN” Award, and Communications Technology Magazine’s 2003 “Readers’ Choice” Award.

About Source Cable & Wireless
Source Cable & Wireless has been on the leading edge of Internet and cable television technology for over 30 years. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Source Cable has built and developed a state-of-the-art fibre-optic network that delivers Internet connection speeds up to 100 times faster than traditional telephone modem connections. Source Cable provides residential broadband access, and Internet and data solutions to business customers across the Hamilton metropolitan area. From its founding in 1974, Source Cable & Wireless has grown from a few hundred to over 18,000 customers. Visit Source Cable online at.

About Sandvine
Sandvine’s award-winning network equipment helps broadband service providers better manage the growing burden of peer-to-peer (P2P) activity while protecting subscribers and preserving the overall Internet experience. Sandvine Peer-to-Peer Policy Management helps service providers take control of P2P traffic, stop the proliferation of destructive worm code and achieve new operational efficiencies. Sandvine products are suitable for all broadband and narrowband networks, cable or DSL. To find out more, visit Sandvine online at


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