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Taking the Social Engagement Index a Step Further: Demographics

Taking the Social Engagement Index a Step Further:


An updated analysis of which demographics are socially engaging with TV and why.

September 28, 2009 - WATERLOO, CANADA

LiveHive Systems, the leader in social TV technology, today released additional data related to the Social Engagement Index.  Released first in August 2009, the Social Engagement Index was the first demonstration of how to measure real-time TV social engagement, and why it matters.  The updated release provided today, illustrates the powerful differences which exist in how different demographics socially engage around TV, and their motivation in doing so.

Dave Bullock, President of LiveHive Systems commented “The Social Engagement Index showed which TV programs were most adept at generating social engagement with their audience.  With shows like Desperate Housewives and Jon+Kate topping the list, it wasn’t a huge surprise that women over thirty socially engage the strongest around TV.  But what today’s data does show, is that social engagement takes a funamentally different form with different demographics”.

The updated Social Engagement Index calculates the “strength of social engagement” across four demographic groups.  The strength of social engagement is then broken into two categories: Social/Status Updates (eg. Facebook updates, Twitter, etc) and Viewer-To-Viewer Interaction/Competition (eg. games tied to the TV show, user chat, viewer contests, etc).   While females (age 30+) were the most socially engaged while watching TV, most of that activity took the form of updates to their friends through Twitter and Facebook.  This is the converse of younger viewers, particularly young males, who see virtually all of their TV real-time social engagement take the form of direct interaction and competition between viewers.  Younger viewers (age 13-29) are 50% more likely to engage via games and contests than viewers over age 30.  For a complete synopsis of the data, please refer to the slideshow below.

“Going forward, virtually all TV programs will require and interactive and social component to engage their audiences and provide touch points for their advertisers.” said Bullock.  “Understanding how that participation is happening, and being able to measure it’s success, is critical to monetizing this new media channel”.

Understanding The Social Engaged Viewer

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