Company Logo Tuesday, August 02, 2011

ecobee is excited to announce the release of a new software update!

Building upon outstanding customer feedback and suggestions, we are happy to announce that ecobee has upgraded every thermostat, at no cost, with these fantastic new features:

Downstaging of HVAC equipment

On multistage systems, the thermostat can now be configured to downstage as the room temperature approaches the set point. This results in higher efficiencies in commercial units and in residential geothermal systems by ensuring that the higher stages are used less often. The dehumidifier relay can now be configured to either open or close during the active state. This ensures support for major HVAC equipment manufacturers requiring an open circuit to trigger dehumidification and reduced fan speeds.

Economy cycle for Commercial EMS Customers

The system can be configured to use the economizer relay output as the first stage of cooling. For systems with economizer damper control, this takes advantage of favorable outdoor conditions, using the outdoor air to condition the space rather than running more costly compressors.

Remote sensor configuration for Commercial EMS Customers

Equipment Interface and Remote Sensor Module inputs can be edited remotely through both the thermostat and the web portal. Now adjustments in sensor thresholds and programmable actions can be done remotely via the web.

The new firmware has been uploaded to each Smart Thermostat or Energy Management System through our seamless process and will not affect current thermostat settings.

Please note that in order to take advantage of this upgrade thermostats must be registered and connected to a wireless router.

As always, we deeply appreciate feedback on our products — tell us what you would like to see next! Please direct all questions and comments to our customer service team by email at or by phone at 1.877.932.6233.

Thank you!

The ecobee Team

About ecobee

ecobee, founded in 2007, delivers intelligent conservation solutions for real people. The company is building its product platform around The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. Our WiFi enabled products automate energy conservation making it easier to save on energy costs without sacrificing comfort. ecobee’s products are sold for use in single family homes (new and retrofitted), multi-family dwellings and light commercial properties. For more information, visit



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