What We Look For

Tech Capital is not actively investing at this time.

Compelling ideas ... big markets

Our interest is primarily in engineers, scientists, or researchers who have developed technologies that solve difficult industry problems – problems that are substantial enough to compel customers to adopt the new technologies. We are also interested in disruptive technologies that have the potential to create entirely new markets.

We want to work with company founders who have set their sights high and we seek innovators who combine a bold technology vision with the drive and dedication needed to see a technology start-up through the challenges it will face in executing its plans.

We expect companies we invest in to have an impact. We look for companies that could end up with a value not in the tens of millions of dollars, but in the hundreds of millions – within three to five years.

Early-stage development; technological risks

We will almost always be the first institutional investor in a business. While we want to see evidence that the proposed technology is technically feasible, we expect to share the risk that goes with early-stage technology development.

At the same time, we are unlikely to invest in technologies that are more than a year or two away from commercialization. Venture funds have a limited lifespan and we need to deliver a return to our investors within the life of the fund.

Market focus

We’re looking for market focused companies – founders who have interacted with potential customers or partners to assess the market’s reaction to the technology. While you don’t have to have actual customers or revenues for us to invest, we do look for some market validation of the technology.

The nucleus of a strong technical team

We don’t expect – or even want – you to come in with a complete management team. Part of our job will be to help you put the right people in place. We do want to see the core of a solid technical team that we can build on.

Geographic proximity; hands-on involvement

We actively participate in the companies we invest in – especially during the company’s early stages. To be able to effectively support our portfolio companies, they must be based in Waterloo Region or within a short drive – roughly between London and Hamilton.

Fields outside our expertise and interest

While we have a broad technology focus, we limit our investments to companies in industries where our experience and contacts will be of most value. For this reason, we are unlikely to invest in biotechnology or medical devices. We are also not looking to invest in service firms or consumer products.

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"Tech Capital is very judicious about the quality of the deals they put their name behind, which adds to their credibility as a VC."

Michael Hogan
President & CEO
Sirific Wireless

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